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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

As all our banners are personalised and custom printed, we do not take returns, however, if the banners are of low print quality or if the banners are not delivered within the timescale as specified when ordering, then you are liable for a full refund.

Print Quality

The banner produced are for viewing at a 2m distance, to dispute a print quality issue, a photo of the banner should be sent from a 2m distance to verify the claim.

For any claim to be entertained, an email with a photo of the banner from a 2m distance needs to be initiated within 24 hours of recieving the banner as these banners are normally used for immenent events.


If you have received a banner later than the specified time, then please do not accept delivery from the courier. If a parcel is received and signed for, then it will be deemed as acceptable and received within time for the event.

Customer Reviews

Paula J. Williams

The ultimate house for all sorts of custom birthday banners. I can get any type of banner in any size. I can put anything and everything, I wish to have on the banner. Amazing designs. Brilliant work.

Sarah Rogers

I have tried many brands for the birthday banners, but I wasn`t satisfied at all. This is where I got what I wanted. A complete range of stunning birthday banners with unique customizing tools, where I put everything on the banner myself. A very fastest delivery, well in time. I ll give you the best rating. Very happy. Keep it up.

Jason M. Reed

The best place for getting any kind of birthday banner. I am really impressed the way you guys are working. Specially the tools you are using and the designs and everything else. Just awesome. It was delivered to me in just 24 hours. Good Luck!